Saturday, July 4, 2015

Waikizu tribe - pay a visit with us.

Mara Art Centre & Cultural Tourism - Mara Region TCTP
On the Western side of Serengeti National Park, from Ikoma gate one will meet great people named Waikizu tribe. Nyamuswa Cultural Tourism Programme exposes visitors to the way of life of Waikizu people and beautiful landscape with hills, mountains and valleys filled with water where canoeing can perfectly bring you closer to acquatic creature. Get an experience of handcraft making using various indigenous trees. And off course an opportunity to learn about kinship leadership system. The following are on offer:
- A welcome to Waikizu homestead
- A visit to King homestead/Royal tour
- A visit to to ikizu caves
- A Visit to the Mara Art & Handcraft making group
- Wazanaki traditional dancing of your choice
- A visit to a rain maker
- Visit to traditional healer famous for treating various diseases especially infertility
- Visit to a foot print of our ancestors found at the mid of a big rock
- Visit the ‘O’ Mong’we worshiping tree and learn how locals used to conduct their worships
- Trekking up the Chamiriho hill, visit German soldiers hiding caves, graveyards and get a panoramic view of Lake Victoria, Serengeti plains and surrounding human settlement
- Canoeing in safaris in two of the dams found in the area
- Sport fishing in either of the two dams available
- Visit community development projects, local schools and health centres found in the area. See how people are struggling to overcome the big human enemies: Poverty, Illiteracy and Disease
- Cotton Farm tour: see how people practice cotton farming
- A stay with Wazanaki family to enjoy traditional food and their unique lifestyle