Monday, June 30, 2014

the beach bar from spice Island hotel

relaxing after the swimmin on the suny.
its spice island hotel Paje znz

The beach bar is amazing in here.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

karibu fair in Arusha was great ... please see with coastal

arusha karibu fair 2014 was great time to meet different agents and clients

Hostory/concert & dinner at Mtoni Marine

the sultan and Prices salmes tour of the Mtoni Palace.
its beautiful out there,

Back in zanzibar mtoni marine swimming pool and the safari blue- with my friend sylwia - enjoy swimming

departing center for safari blue
the excurssion that you can not afford to miss while you are in zanziabr

Sylwia my best friend she is enjoying the swimming at Mtoni Marine centre 10 minutes out of stone town,safe and cool place to stay,very affordable.

at the ferry Port in Dar es salaam, where the journey starts please see.

here is the ferry Departing Point in Dar es salaam Port.
if you are in Dar es salaam and you need to depart by fast Ferry Azam marine kilimanjaro boats here is the place off departure this day was a very bad day it was raining heavyly in Tanzania and you can see the sea is full and claudes.it was in the midle of April 2014.
however everything was fully OK and safe.

chechevule villa - zanzibar - matemwe

Here is chechevule villa,this villa can take more than 10 friends travelkling together,if 3  couples trveliing and need private this is the palce to seave some money and experience the diffrence.

kindly ask us.

its located in matemwe beaach in nungwi they have the best beach as well.
its one hour 30 minutes from the airport and same for the return.

Best regards.

while in znz i visited also Pakachi bandas

Here am going inside to see the Pakachi Banda, this banda can accommodate more than 4pax and not expensive,,, they have a a plcase to cool your self, or you can decide to eat out from the restaurant,
after taking your time to the beach,the best beach clean and nice.

you need to book this place please let us know.
whatsupp me is just chap chap + 255788652163

my second visit to zanzibar recentely

following requests of my clients who want to be accommodated  in nungwi Paje North of zanzibar, i decided to go and visit few places.

My trip started from Dar es salaam airport, i flew with costal aviation the best safari company  in Tanzania, my flight took 20 minutes as usual , very good pilot and especially during take off and landing.
i arrived at the airport and find my driver waiting for me from seaszanzibar, and we started our safari to nungwi strait from the airport cos i had only a day trip and return to dar the same day.
our trip to Nungwi took like o1 1/2 hours to ariive at spice island hotel... then we visited the close bangalows the Pakachi both of them they have very very good beach you cant afford to miss.

The below are spice island pics.the most beautiful pic i like is the beach bar, no speacial interest but how its builded.

after here i went on the other side of the island and visit Matemwe,beach bungalows,chechevule  villas, and my time was short and returned to Dar es salaam.
later in the evening with 1715 flight.

please see if you like this hotel and if you have interest to vist kindly let us know and we will boook for you.

coastal aivition do fly to znz with a good schedulle to plan your safari.

my whatsupp no +255788652163