Friday, May 16, 2014

kigamboni beaches- excellent place to relax

to vist this place is not that much difficult. You can go via  Down town and take the panton to kigamboni.
or you can go to kigamboni via mbagala road.

But its always nice to experience the Panton as we dont use this trasportation  @, most of us.
But for the residence its oky for them to sometimes take the mbagalla road of the ferry to kigamboni.

kijiji beach is the best [lace to visit and relax.the food in here is of next level,

i was there day before yesterday with my clients, its beautiful.

In kigamboni you can do a lot of activities:

city tour, with bike,
city tour by car.
day trip or over night.

i dont remember how much i paid for the ferry b ut its a good means of transportaion,\
incase you need to go there, please call us on + 255788652163 wahtsupp no