Wednesday, May 7, 2014

climbing gear- you must have - check ...

Mountain Climbing Equipment recommended for each Climber.
        1. Warm Hat
        2. Sun glasses
        3. Balaclava
        4. Suncream for your face
        5. Cotton head scarf
        6. warm/rain jacket
        7. warm/rain trouser
        8. Good quality trekking boots
        9. Gaiters
        10. Wool socks up to 6 pairs for trekking trips.
        11. Day pack which you will carry daily
        12. Head torch with batteries
        13. Adjustable trekking sticks.
        14. Sleeping bag of 10 degrees centigrade/50 degrees Fahrenheit
        15. Cotton shirts, trousers, and walking shorts
        16. Undershirt and underwear
        17. Warm gloves
        18. Water purification tablets otherwise highly recommended that you use bottled
        19. Altitude sickness medicine – but better consult with your doctor just incase
you are allergic to some medicine.
        20. Small Towel
        21. Your favorite Snacks/Energy food (few chocolates or energy bars for each day on
the climb) which are not bulky.
        22. Camera with films for memorable picture