Friday, May 16, 2014

In ruaha - just finished our picnic lunch

after picnic lunch we went on with the game drive,
Ruaha is very broad  you can do game drive for one week n=but still you will never  finish 

Pemba Tanzania

we visited Pemba one one day trip waas not enough,people from here very cool and the beaches  make them feel well @ time they wake uo,

you can do a day 2days /1night ....
you can go by Azam fast ferries
or auris air
the ost releable airline COASTAL AVIATION .

still in kigamboni

every one needs a break !! work work work, but one time we need to relax and forget about the work.
over here the holiday continues.

everyone is happy

still in kigamboni

when you think of going to kijiji beach. you real have think of something really good.
if you are residing in Dar es salaam, then is good at-least escape for one day or so.

below is the Pantoni the most important  mode of transportation, it carries a lot of people and if that is not enought it carry as well the cards.

still in Kigamboni

you can fly in kigamboni by coastal air to ras kutani, and continue to enjoy the beach.
or you can fly from Ras kutani to other parts of the country the Tourist destinations like selous/ruaha/saadani.

you dont need to take the ferry or drive from mbagalla if you want to fly from Dar es salaam and at that particular time you are on Kiagamboni.... very easy book with us coastal flight and you will be happy.

call us or whatsupp us + 255788652163

still in kigamboni

this happpened at kijiji beach, we do have 3 memories of our life
the birth date/ the marriage / and the dirth

this time was good for the married one am sure they will never forget

i wish them all the [ast,

kigamboni beaches- excellent place to relax

to vist this place is not that much difficult. You can go via  Down town and take the panton to kigamboni.
or you can go to kigamboni via mbagala road.

But its always nice to experience the Panton as we dont use this trasportation  @, most of us.
But for the residence its oky for them to sometimes take the mbagalla road of the ferry to kigamboni.

kijiji beach is the best [lace to visit and relax.the food in here is of next level,

i was there day before yesterday with my clients, its beautiful.

In kigamboni you can do a lot of activities:

city tour, with bike,
city tour by car.
day trip or over night.

i dont remember how much i paid for the ferry b ut its a good means of transportaion,\
incase you need to go there, please call us on + 255788652163 wahtsupp no 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Trip to Ruaha MP - early march 2014

March 2014 , me and my friends Theo and Agness we visited Ruaha NPand we stayed at  Mdonya Oldriver camp for 3days/2nights... here we just landed at Msembe airstrip we have been flyin from Dar to selous and then selous to Ruaha.... from the airstrip is elephants  all around,this was a trip of my life and i will never forget.

more pics about my Trip to Ruaha..

Sunday, May 11, 2014

katavi NP the place of Hippos and many many animals

Katavi is the best place to view the Hippos,
and as well different animals like Thomson gazelles, zebras and lions.

please pay a visit we can Taylor made your safari

Great Migration in serengeti take a look

The highlight of an African safari is witnessing the annual Serengeti migration, an ancient phenomenon that is the largest movement of wildlife on earth. Each year one million of wildebeests, zebras, Thomson’s gazelles and other animals migrate through the plains of Serengeti and the neighbouring Masai Mara (see map), following seasonally dictated variations of rains in search of grass and water.

The Camp is situated at Ikoma, just outside the park, right within this animal track. The big herds pass this area between May to August and November to January, allowing guests to be close to the migration during these months. Due to the camp’s central location all parts of the Serengeti are easily accessible. As the Serengeti hosts a great variety of residential wildlife a stay at Mapito Tented Camp is an experience throughout the year

migreation in the serengeti

serengeti great migration

Take a good look of the Tents still at mapito in serengeti

Tents at mapito.
The right side tent i was sleeping and my friends the next one,whenever we wanted to go back to our rooms,the masai are ready for us,they are very helpful.

while you are inside these rooms, be leave me you dont feel going home,back home  for work,you never think the holiday is over and you need to go back to do some work.

Think of yourself in this room? in the middle of now where !!

After the game drive and during the night, you have  to lay down!!!
and the best place is he below pic... mapito .

Serengeti The endless plain lots of animals

when you go out for game drive, this is what you meet, not very far from the lodge.
serengeti is the best place to visit, the endless plains!!

mapito tented camp in serengeti the best place to stay.

here is serengeti , mapito tented camp.
i just camse back from this place, its location is ten minutes from the Ikoma fgate its located out side of the park ,but its beautful.
from food /workers /and accommodation you can just see from outside.
we can do a last minutes safari for 2pax  2600 for 2 pax 3days/2nights including crater,.

whatsupp us for more action :


Thursday, May 8, 2014

we are still in Udzungwa ...

We are still in udzungwa ... Juvenille sanje mangabey.
when you are ready to visit udzungwa one among the many things you will see will be the above.

if you need to do this safari please let us kno we will arrange for you.
wahtsupp no +255 788652163

HELLO TANZANIA TOURS & SAFARIS: Sanje water falls udzungwa forest.

HELLO TANZANIA TOURS & SAFARIS: Sanje water falls udzungwa forest.: Udzungwa Forest is another place in Tanzania to pay a visit,the land scape of this place and its location real bring a touch on your vi...

Sanje water falls udzungwa forest.

Udzungwa Forest is another place in Tanzania to pay a visit,the land scape of this place and its location real bring a touch on your visit.
The water falls and mountains hiking is the best thing to view while in there.

as you can see from fair its beautiful.
At Udzungwa its a place for different types of birds.

If you want to try, please let us know and we will do the needful arrangement..
you can combine the udzungwa trip with 
mikumi/ selous/ruaha.

visit udzungwa and explore the sanje waterfalls - very affordabe

Day 1: Dar es Salaam to Udzungwa Mountains National Park
You will be picked up very early in the morning (06.30 am - optional) and transfer to the Udzungwa Mountains National Park. Lunch on the way. Arrive at Hondo Hondo, settle into your en-suite tented room before exploring the nature trail, or just relax as numerous hornbills and raptors fly over camp. Hondo Hondo borders the park and has superb bird and monkey watching on site. You may hear leopard's 'sawing' calls in the nearby forest or the fuss of leopard hunting monkeys.

Day 2: A full day at Udzungwa
After breakfast you will transfer to Sanje Waterfall where you will climb to the top of a 180m fall and swim in the plunge pools. This area is great for primary forest and has outstanding views. You will have a picnic lunch prepared on top of the falls. In the evening transfer back to Hondo Hondo for dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Udzungwa to Mikumi National Park
7.30 am optional morning bird and monkey walk before returning for an excellent breakfast ($10 pp extra cash to the camp manager). After breakfast, depart to Mikumi National Park with packed lunch. Here you will settle into Mikumi Wildlife Camp (Kikoboga), This is well situated beside two waterholes with plenty of game to be seen from the bar. Afternoon game drive, dinner and overnight at Mikumi Wildlife Camp (Kikoboga)

Day 4: Mikumi to Dar es Salaam
Early Morning game drive before breakfast. After breakfast collect all your belongings and transfer back to Dar, with boxed lunch. We will bring you back to your residence/hotel in early evening.

selous by road- stay at Selous The great water lodge- very affordable

1. Short Safari – 3 days and 2 nights

Day 1

Pick up from Dar and arrive for lunch, or if arriving late then just light refreshments.
Sunset cruise on our comfortable river boat, looking at hippos, crocodiles and birds, and enjoying the spectacular sunset over this enormous river. This is one of Africa’s five greatest rivers, over half a mile wide where the lodge is, with panoramic views across the water to distant hills. The colours are breathtaking.
Cold drinks from the bar, then dinner.

Day 2

Early breakfast at 06.00 and then a 30 minute drive to the Selous Game Reserve. All day game drive in a specially modified safari vehicle with a professional guide, in which you should see and learn much about a large number of animals, including all the great favourites – lion, elephant, giraffe, buffalo, zebra – and all the other major species including the rare African wild dog. Great variety of bird species. Wonderful scenery, with varied topography: wetlands, dry grassland, light acacia forest and higher ground with long views to far-off mountains.
Packed lunch and time to rest. Your guide will select a location with shade and water nearby to watch animals coming to drink – a place with a clear view all round so that no predator can creep up unseen!
Back to the lodge by 6.30 for sunset and dinner when you’re ready.

Day 3

Up early for a walk through the bush and along the riverbank to learn more about the local environment. Our local guides will tell you all about the
fauna & flora; almost every plant and tree is used locally in one way or another. You will be fascinated.
Back after the walk for breakfast, and then departure for Dar.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The gate between serengeti & ngorongoro.

Here is the gate... if you come from ngorongoro - seregeti you must pass this gate... pay the park fees and leave.

or when you come from serengeti..... stop pay for the  park fees.

during the high season this place is full of cars and tourists or normal local people.

kariu sanaa serengeti/ngoorngoro.

honneymooners in the crater.

the honeymooners in the crater live .Take a look.

climbing gear- you must have - check ...

Mountain Climbing Equipment recommended for each Climber.
        1. Warm Hat
        2. Sun glasses
        3. Balaclava
        4. Suncream for your face
        5. Cotton head scarf
        6. warm/rain jacket
        7. warm/rain trouser
        8. Good quality trekking boots
        9. Gaiters
        10. Wool socks up to 6 pairs for trekking trips.
        11. Day pack which you will carry daily
        12. Head torch with batteries
        13. Adjustable trekking sticks.
        14. Sleeping bag of 10 degrees centigrade/50 degrees Fahrenheit
        15. Cotton shirts, trousers, and walking shorts
        16. Undershirt and underwear
        17. Warm gloves
        18. Water purification tablets otherwise highly recommended that you use bottled
        19. Altitude sickness medicine – but better consult with your doctor just incase
you are allergic to some medicine.
        20. Small Towel
        21. Your favorite Snacks/Energy food (few chocolates or energy bars for each day on
the climb) which are not bulky.
        22. Camera with films for memorable picture

mount kilimanjaro climbing - marangu route.- easy to the summit.see the itinerary

PRICE - please ask.
This is the easiest route to the summit of Kilimanjaro, sometimes called the
Coca-Cola Route. The Marangu route takes you at a gentle pace through forests,
moorlands and then across The Saddle, a high-altitude desert separating the main
summit, Kibo, 5896m, from craggy Mawenzi, 5149m, to Kibo Hut. From here an early
start is made for the ascent to Uhuru Point (the highest top of Kibo). The path
zig-zags up steep scree which is easier to climb when frozen. The views from the
crater rim at Gillman's Point at dawn can be spectacular. Uhuru Peak lies a further
1h30min. around the rim. 
Accommodation on the mountain is in comfortable huts. You will need a sleeping bag,
warm clothes and walking poles. This is a tough walking trip but within the limits
of a fit individual used to walking in mountain areas.  
1.     Drive to Marangu Gate. Walk through the rain forest to Mandara hut (4h,
2.     Leave the forest and cross open moor land to Horombo hut (5h, 3760m). 
3.     Walk through moorland then across The Saddle to Kibo hut (5h, 4730m). 
4.     Very early start for the summit on steep scree up to Gillman's Point (5h,
5681m), continue to Uhuru Peak (1h30min., 5895m). Descend to Kibo Hut for lunch and
a rest before descending to Horombo hut (about 13h total walking time). 
5.     Descend to Marangu gate (5h). Drive back to the Moshi town. 

10 lions sleeping.

am still in serengeti and the above is a group of lions sleeping.About 10 of them.
you will see that Tanzania is very reach, ifyou see the amount of visitors you will fant.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

This is live experience of my visits - most of my posting are from myself... not copying -i visit then i write.. so you can ask me i know the places ii post.

 The girraffe the beaut of our country - in serengeti - this is live pic i took myself all the pics

 The pic is a group of lions about 10 of them sleeping we were like 10 vehicals around them but they never wake up .... in serengeti this waas the 03/May if you want to go now they are still there, you are not late,

am still in serengeti please see the assorted pics

 the above is the car we used for our safari,from left Kris ,sofia,me ,Frank the manager of mapito camp and our security guid... very nice tis time we were saying goodbye to mapito, we never wanted to come back to Dar es salaam but what to do??

 Here is the camp you can see the one tent from far, the tents are clean and nicely done,no complain at all .

 The below is the result of the game drive.. see this is just a very tine group of the migration..
while in serengetid , not only the animals are there, w
you will see as well the land scaps beautiful

Its a low season but see how mnay people are visiting serengeti


Day 1- depat dar es salaam with coastal flight to arusha, arrrive arusha at 1125am, you will be picked up by a safari company safari multiways and start safari to lake manyara, later dinner and over night Rhino lodge or  eileens lodge.

Day 2; after breakfast depart to serengeti  enroute game drive,arrrive serengeti in the afternoon continue to game drive,later dinner and over night at mapito tented camp.

Day 3- early morning after breakfast, depart for full day game drive,later dinner and over night mapito tented camp.visit central serengeti,north west. near seronera a lot of aimals

Day  4- depart from serengeti to Dar es salaam via arusha and manyara.to catch coastal fligt at 1215 or 1315 to arrive 14 if going to zanizbar or dar 1430.

this will be end of the tour.

whatsupp; faster : + 255788652163

up to end of May... runn

mY trip to serengeti 3days/2nights- was Amazing

 I started my safari from my house at mbezi beach . the ride to the airport took like one hour or so,i arrived at the airport an hour before the flight,as you know fastjet they close the check in counter 40 minutes before the departure and if you miss its so hectic to resolve.. so better be early.i checked in and went upstairs departure launch to went for the departure to happen.


The fastjet fight i like very much its clean/and very confortable.you cant afford to miss it.try and you will inform me leter..Our flight took us approx. one hour to arrive kilimanjaro.we arrive and took a taxi to Arusha, because it was too late i went to accommodate myself to news safari Hotel - Arusha.
i had a wonderful night that 01/05/2014- workers day!!

The next morning together with other friends we went in the same car.we started our safari to serengeti via manyara and ngorongoro, we were doing enroute game drive,,, sooo much animals on the way..

we arrived serengeti at late afternoon but we ccontinues with the game drive as the owner of the safari vehical bought for us lunch box.i was very very confortable with the car, as they had an invetor and at all times my phones had enough charge is because of this..... big up Mr Romeo.

On our first day to serengeti we saw like 10 lions but 9 lions were sleeping and because the grass are high now due to the rain,we managed to catch the one who climbed ... we were like 8 safari vehi cals at the same place looking for lions...very nice .
after the half day game drive, we departed to the camp for dinner time and over night at mapito tented camp.
from left she is my friend Sofia from sweden and on my right Mr Frank the manager of the campnice guy.

huu ni msafara wa nyumbu bado wanyama wapo serengeti centrol wakati huu pia ni mzuri kutembeli
on our way to the cam.