Monday, April 28, 2014

The History/ concert and Dinner at Mtoni Palace Ruins-

i was at Mtoni Marine for one night,and that day i joined a The Ruin History/concert and Dinner.
its very interesting to hear a story of the sultan ,and the Palce he used to live with his wives including prensess Salmes.
here Princess Salme is singing infront of guests who visited this place durig the dinner.
the entrance is only 45 per person.
includes :

The Tour of the Palace/ concert/ and later dinner.
when she was singing, i could not seat down i went to give her a tip,cos the song was sooo romantic !!!
this happens only on Tuesdays/ Fridays.
you want to book please contact us 
whatsupp: + 255788652163
when you in zanizbar is easy to visit this place just for a change.