Saturday, April 12, 2014


Dar es salaam is covered by rain from yesterday.Its very difficult to reach anywhere on time and so much que.. the cars dont move and the roads as well volunteered this,somethe bridges water passes above it and some half brocken!!

The first pic is from where i live Sala Sala Dar es salaam on the junction of the road heading to the white sands hotel,where by this road is hectic passing this way...

The second pic is from the Dar Port... we went to pick our 2 clients arriving 1700 from znz... wow this place was covered  by clauds and heavy rain,when my clients arrived,the lady had a sea sick and she was vomitting from the hobour to the hotel slipway... and it took us like 3 hours... we passed the from Mnazi mmoja when we reached Akiba wow wow you might think the sea now is here sooooo hectic this area the drainage is a big problem.

finally we arrived at the hotel and very tired.... then after my clients i had now to go home as my husband was already home and due to the rain and trafic jam.. i arrived home last night at around 0015!All this weather!what to do?