Tuesday, April 8, 2014

outside of my room - check enviroment

Its just beatiful:i never wanted to go but the time limit... we had to catch the flight back to Dar es salaam and we had a connection to znz --- will get back 2morrow for the story and what happened in znz...

incase you want to think of going to this place in mafia:
its easy to visit from Dar es salaam... only 30 minutes:fly coatal aviation.

usd 250 per person - FB
including return flight.

mr meremeta the owner of the lodge does the transfers himself.
this can be arranged and paid there.

whatsupp us and we will get back to you.
booking withing one week before the departure date.

stay tuned for znz story.... i have some more pics for mafia airport and whan i was at the airport seated outside .... will upload for you to have a look ....