Thursday, April 10, 2014

my visit to Selous game reserve....

on our first day we departed to selous game reserve...the flight departed from Dar es salaam at 0830 and we arrive selous - Mtemere air strip at 0945,it was a nice flight we had a good Pilot for our first time in the reserve.

from left is Rashmi ,shirine,Mwajabu -me and Agnes.
The safari vehical from lake manze where we stayed for one night,were there to wait for us... normally when you stay at lake manze you land into siwandu airstrip not this airstrip we landed ..Mtemere.. this was a farm trip so we wanted to know wht if we made a mistake and we book clients into mtemere and clients will stay at lake manze?

so we found out that we can jsut communicate with the lodge and they will pic up the clients...

we arrived at the lodge lunch time.... the good par of it ha ha.

we met the manager Tricia and Philip.. they gave us some briefing about the lodge and how we should stay /behave with animals....

what surprised me that, whenever we go our room tent no 9... we had to catch the masai to walk us there... i asked masai we are both Human but you are always walk us to our room... you dont afraid the animals???? he no they know us we can help ourselves and we have many ways of  protecting against them not like clients/people like me . ha ha ha ..

i will be back .......this was just a start