Saturday, April 26, 2014

Here is the wedding seremony for our friend ,i was invited, the Husband he is man from Kilimanjaro and the traditional beer in Kilimajaro is known as Mbege- the thing am holding was brought in by his family to add the traditional test to the wedding, its me am enjoying the mbege, this reminds me of  my late Mother who Passed away in July last year 17/07/2013 cos she is was from Kilimanjaro.

you will see that most of the Tanzanians they keep on remembering the tradinoal tough when they do a famous event like this,this is just to  follow  our old grandmother/ grandfathers.....its good so the invited guests know where we belong,not only Tanzanian but we do have our traditional touch...even when we dance, some times the DJ's play the traditional songs between the married couple... its beautiful

...All the best