Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Breakfast at Meremeta lodge - you cant afford to miss this

Now the next morning,we wake up and had our breakfast ready to depart to the airport at 1000am cos we had to buy some fish ( changu to take with us ).

as you can see this is fully breakfast ...everything needed for breakfast was there,from juice/ black tea/milk/tosted bread/spanish omlet/ fruits / just to mention a few... plenty of food and healthy and taste fresh.I remember when we went to mafia lodge,the manager there she ( Sarah) she asked where we stay and when we mentioned meremeta she confirmed is the place in mafia that they know how to cook!!! wow this was very nice for her to say this as she is also a manager at Mafia lodge where they also have restaurant ( pic later for mafia lodge ).

after breakfast we had to relax a little before we start the move ....
will continue .......