Saturday, April 26, 2014

Am still on the wedding, the above are just samples of what my Sister's Daughter she will wear soon!!!
My Sister and my brother in-law died 10 years a go, and had left me with 4 girls to take care, with a good help from my mom who is also died last year!!!!.
we tried our best with the bellessing of God to raise them, 2years after the death of my sister, one of the girls she got sick of  malaria and she was  taken to Mawenzi hospital but unfortunetely she died  after 2 days been hopitalized!  very sad Her name was Zaintuni...

life went on.. i still have the 3 girls, the fist one Her name is Hawa- she is still in Moshi married,the second one is Mariam - she will get married soooon in May 31/ here in Dar es salaam with a guy from Zanzibar his name is Abdullah.... the samples are for mariam''s to choose!.

The 3rd girl she is married already and her name is Mainda....
am so happy that with the   help   of God we managed to raise them........
so my mom/my father/my sister/my brothers 3 of them/my young sister ....they are all Gone,am alone but am sure am not alone am with GOD i will make it.
i will take a good care of Mariam's wedding and welcome all.

Thank you.
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