Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hunting Regulations

  • The hunting season begins on 1st July and ends on 31st December.
  • No animal may be shot from a vehicle or chased or driven by a vehicle.
  • All hunting must be conducted within the hours of daylight (5:30 am–6.30 pm).
  • There may be no hunting of female, young or immature animals.
  • The following game to be hunted strictly on a 21 day license: Elephant; Lion; Leopard: Oryx; Greater Kudu; Eland; Gerenuk; Sable; Ostrich; Klipspringer; Hippopotamus; Puku; Roan and Porcupine.
  • Lion and Leopard may only be hunted as follows: 1 x 1 One lion and one leopard permit. 2 x 1 The clients must share one lion and one leopard permit. 2 x 2 Each client will have one lion and one leopard permit. 3 x 2 The clients will share two lion and two leopard permits. The minimum legal lengthfor Leopard is 1.30 meters (51.2 inches) from tip of nose to base of tail.
  • Regulations for hunting elephants stipulate that the legal minimum size of the ivory should be not less than 1.70 meters (67 inches) in length or less than 17 kg (44 pounds).
  • Automatic weapons and handguns are strictly forbidden.
  • Only 3 rifles per hunter and 100 rounds per rifle may be imported.
  • When hunting dangerous game (Lion, Elephant, Buffalo) the minimum caliber is .375 (9.3mm)