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    Feb 13 at 12:01 AM
    Dear Hello Tanzania,
    We've just approved a new review by Anoop Vettath (anoop.vettath@gmail.com) from Malaysia
    Rating:star rating 5/5 stars
    Tour date:January 2018
    Title:Wonderful Service Experience!!
    Review:It started with me visiting www.safaribooking.com and inquiring about Selous Game Reserve Safari package. Within a short period Ms. Mwajabu Mo Sultan connected to me through WhatsApp to understand my requirements. i asked for a camp situated within in Reserve. She was truly informative and knowledgeable about my requirements and suggested Lake Manze Camp. She quoted the rates and I made the booking by paying a small deposit. I has challenges in transferring the entire amount for booking the package. Mwajabu empathized my situation and never demanded for money. Indeed she asked me to pay the amount upon meeting her at Tanzania (DAR).

    Before my day of arrival, she reconfirmed my arrival time and informed me that her driver will be waiting for me at the airport arrivals with a placard displaying my name. Needless to say, she kept up to her words… Her driver was waiting at the arrivals area. Thereafter, I met Mwajabu at her office near the arrivals. She offered to drive me to my hotel in DAR along with her driver (Othman). Mwajabu gave me lot of insights about DAR during my transit to the hotel (Ramada Resort). Upon reaching the hotel she handed over the itinerary (flight+camp) for my travel to Selous the next day. I made the complete payment for my stay and flight to Selous. She informed me that her driver will pick me from the hotel at 5am and drop me at the Domestic terminal to board Coastal aviation flight to Selous. I was surprised to see Othman (driver) at the hotel lobby at 5am.

    I was prudently dropped at the airport on time. The transaction with Mwajabu was smooth and seamless and she is indeed a fantastic person who is ever ready to provide support.

    Also, my stay at Lake Manze cam was fabulous. The camp is certainly located within the game reserve. Millie and Shaun (Camp Manager) are amazing hosts. They interacted with me as if we know each other for ages. They gave a lot of information about the game reserve. My Guide and Jeep Driver (Kalisthi and Kamkumba) are the best. They can spot animals from any distance, I can quote... ”They have Eagle’s vision”. I saw lot of Lion, Elephant, Giraffe, Zebra, Wildebeest, Hippo, Crocodile, Hyena, Wild Dogs and numerous birds

    I highly recommend Hello Tanzania Safari Organizers (Ms. Mwajabu Mo Sultan) and Lake Manze Camp.
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